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Rudolf Stoffner founded his company group in the year 1979. He started his career as a drilling specialist. His field of action are the OIL FIELDS in Europe. At 35 years of age he becomes self employed and is active worldwide with his company group.

During the following years the Stoffner Group is very high in demand as a drilling contractor. It realizes many drilling projects in Austria, Switzerland, and in Italy. The main focus of attention is however lain on the geothermics projects in Austria: The Stoffner Group under the management of the visionary company founder Rudolf Stoffner conducts the projects of which most were drilled in Austria.

The most important geothermics projects in Austria were:

  • Altheim / Upper Austria
  • Hundertwasser thermal bath Bad Blumau
  • Thermal bath Bad Radkersburg
  • Thermal bath Längenfeld/Tyrol
  • Thermal bath Linsberg/ Lower Austria.

Mr Rudolf Stoffner passed away in the year 2004. After his death, the structure of the company changes. After a geothermics project in the year 2005/06 the deep drilling department was closed. Since then the company has been specialising on the production of equipment and the trade with equipment for the natural oil industry and the gas and water industry.

The management is now led by Rudolf Stoffner´s daughter Ms Doris Jungwirth, who now leads the company since his death.

Our competitors of yesterday are the customers of today.

The company is active worldwide - with the main focal point on Europe, the Near and Middle East.